Travelling in an Asian country without stepping into an amusement arcade would be a shame. These venues were very popular in the 1990’s, it isn’t as popular now but they still do exist especially in Japan, Korea and of course China. So, save some time and don’t forget to step by an amusement arcade during your China travel. Getting there will be the occasion for you to relax, have some fun and wake your inner child up. Indeed, not only geek teenagers and children enjoy these places, you could find lot of adults and women too (actually I like going there).

During your Beijing tour you will find a lot of shopping malls with some video game arcades inside, in general they are located on the top floor of the building or in the underground. This place mainly provides you machines that works with tokens. Each token costs 2RMB, and 1 token equals to 1 game. Moreover, when you win the game some tickets are given to you, you just have to take it from the slot of the machine. Once you have enough tickets you can exchange them for numerous prizes like puppets, bags, or bicycles for examples, sure you probably would have spent more money on games than the prizes actual price but at least you had fun. You can enjoy classical game to latest hot ones!

Actually a video game arcade just opened in the new shopping center near my place. When I was young I often used to go at game centers playing all the afternoon (I used to live in Macao). I liked playing the mini basketball game, squashing moving crocodile’s head or pretending to be a F1 pilot. This time I noticed that nothing really changed since I was 5. There were the same type of machines, and people were still amazed by the “star dancer” at Dance Dance Revolution. The funny thing is that the best players at this game look like employees at some random office, and sometimes they bring their girlfriend to do some battles. Besides, I have noticed something new, something I have never seen of my life actually, the karaoke cabin. It’s a small cabin which can welcome 1 to 3 persons with a bench and a tv, the form of the cabin looks like a big car. But the thing is that even if you’re in the cabin you sing in a microphone and everyone around can listen to you. Moreover now in some fun centers slot machines are authorized you can even gamble there!

I think that even if you are skeptical, or if you have already been there in your country, hanging out in video game arcades is still fun and takes you to another world or just rewind in the past and remind you the 90’s.

Jack Li
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