Acrobatics in Beijing.

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If you travel to Beijing you will see that most of the tourist attractions are closed by six in the afternoon, which leaves you plenty of time in the evening to enjoy Beijing’s night life. And what’s better than an acrobatic show to end a fantastic day of Beijing tour?

There are plenty of places to go and see an acrobatic show and every theater has a different play to show the public the magnificent acrobats that exist in China.

Depending on the theater you are going you can see different shows; for example, if you go to the Red Theater you will see acrobatics mixed with Kung-fu, if you are going to Liyuan Theater Beijing Opera with acrobatics.

But the “normal” plays are the ones that you can see in Chayoang Theater, Tian Qiao Theater and Tiandi Theater, they are just the “acrobatic show” and they follow the same structure, it’s just the scenery that changes depending on the size of the theater.

The show is about a man (a clown) and a female sidekick/helper, which go on an adventure to find a treasure hidden in the depths of a dark cave.

To reach that treasure he’ll have to face lots of perils such as the Death warriors and

the Keepers of the Treasure but he’ll have time to enjoy some things as the dance of the faeries in the forest.

All in all the “Quest” of the main character is just an excuse to see the incredible acrobats doing fantastic things such as; jumping in and out circles, dance and bend  with plates full of cups,  juggle with ten balls or four umbrellas, jump between poles,  and play with Diablos.

At some point the main character seem to die and that’s the signal for the final act, the most spectacular, a show with fans and bicycles that end with ten dancers (or more) on a bicycle running in the stage, making the end of the show a very astonishing and beautiful scene.

These shows are not very long, less than two hours, so you don’t have time to get bored and you can go and have some dinner later as it’s not that late when you exit the show and normally there are lots of offers near the theaters.

If you want to have a good time in Beijing one night and you want to see a show, but you don’t want to spend hours and hours in the Opera, give an opportunity to the Acrobatics Show! You will be surprised and amazed by the ability of these Chinese artists to dance, bend their bodies, jump unbelievingly high and their ways to juggle with objects like umbrellas or Diablos.

This is one thing that you must do when you travel to Beijing and it’ll be worth the experience because you will have some amazing memories to bring home and a fantastic story to tell your friends!

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