If you don’t want to travel to Beijing because you don’t think China has a bumping night life you should book your tickets because Beijing is a city that harder than New York.  It is a city filled with numerous Beijing tours, tourist destinations during the day and some of the best clubs in the world at night. Personally my favorite club Kokomo resides in SanLiTun which is just one of Beijing’s popular night districts for foreigners and Chinese citizens alike. Kokomo is located on the 4th and 5th floors of TongLi Studios, the 5th floor is the best because it is a roof terrace with a view of Beijing and if your into football (soccer) at tables on the dance floor or even on top of the tables if you want to dance to the music while you root for your team.  It is a Caribbean themed night club but that doesn’t stop them from playing popular music from around the world. It makes sense that they play a variety of music to because Kokomo attracts people from all over the world. Walking onto the rooftop terrace is like walking into a world fair convention but everyone is there to have a good time.

Also located below Kokomo is China Doll which is more of a Chinese techno club that is always packed  and it is catered to the techno and dub-step crowd. Also across the way is a very ritzy bar called The Roof Top. However the drinks are a bit more expensive at China Doll and The Roof Top. I find that Kokomo has the best drinks and the most reasonable price.  However any of the clubs in SanLiTun are an awesome start to your first weekend in Beijing. Kokomo is also open in the early evening if you are not a late night party animal. My favorite part is that it hosts a myriad of events such as Fire Poi performers who are spectacular to watch. So if you are looking for a place to just have a beer with friends, dance the night away or have a random encounter with strangers from all over the world SanLiTun’s Kokomo is the place to be. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and book your Beijing Flights today! As the Beach Boys sing in there song Kokomo “Everybody knows, a little place like Kokomo. Now if you wanna go. And get away from it all. Go down to Kokomo”

Jack Li
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