Haikou is the capital city of Hainan Province with a population of 2,046,189. It has abundant amount of tourist destinations and historical Sites. Located on the northern edge of the Torrid Zone, Haikou has many sea beach scenic spots, like Jiari Beach, Baishamen Beach, Xixiu Beach. This city is apropriatly names “Mouth of the Sea”. The most popular beach is Holiday Beach If you are thinking of coming here for your China travel. Haikou Its nickname is the “coconut city” and the name fits this tropical area with Hawaiian like beaches and clear water to swim in on three sides. I love this because I am an island girl at heart myself. It is also almost entirely pollution free which is great on the lungs! Today, Haikou is becoming a Incredibly complex and unique beach resort with multiple activities such as sightseeing, leisure, convalescence, exhibition and entertainment. However it is not all new though it also has some historic sites such as The Tomb of Hai Rui, The temple of Five Lords, Xiuying Palace. There are several parks here which are all must see places notable ones are: Golden Bull Mountain Ridge Park, Baishamen Park  and Evergreen Park. They are all breath taking and just coming here is worth booking your China Southern Airlines flight.


The food is also a sight to see for those who have not yet had tropical fruit or good sea food this is the place to try it. The best options to go for are the ever popular coconuts and pineapple but one should also try the pawpaw, jack fruits and betel nuts. I personally love fresh picked Logan berries, preferably made into a smoothie or juice. As far as sea food goes everything is good but tourist note how delicious the Hele crab is here. I also suggest trying Wenchang Chicken and Jiaji Duck if you see them sold by a street vendor or in a restaurant.. I suggest going to the street markets because they have a fun hometown feel to them. In addition this city has an annual music concert in the summer that is well worth the trip. For those who are looking for nice China Hotels this place has some of the best. And just like in Hawaii they are right on the beach I know I might be hopping on a sleeper train to go to this island this weekend. Maybe I’ll catch some waves or soak up the sun. I just don’t know why it isn’t more popular considering how beautiful it and scenic it is. Maybe its because it looks so much like Hawaii and the Bahamas foreigners have not yet discovered this unique island get away.

Jack Li

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