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Relaxing, luxurious, tranquil, none of these words even start to do justice to describing Jiuhua Spa and Resort. Despite its beauty and everything it has to offer, Jiuhua Spa does not attract many westerners. That, however, should change immediately for it was one of the best spa experiences I have ever had. If you travel to Beijing and find that you have a free day, you should definitely take advantage of the services that Jiuhua Spa has to offer. I was lucky enough to travel to Beijing and remain in the area during a holiday weekend, which is when I had the good fortune of going to Jiuhua Spa.

Taking a day off and traveling to the hot springs at Jiuhua Spa is a great way to escape the city. Although there are many options in terms of hot springs to visit in Beijing, Jiuhua Spa is one of the best with the longest history in Beijing. It was established during the Yuan Dynasty and was exclusively used by imperial families. That fact within itself should definitely clue you in to how amazing this place really is. There are many different hot spring pools within the area; some with mineral rich waters and others with different ingredients to cure certain ailments or to help certain body parts. Despite it being a holiday weekend when I traveled there, there were relatively few people in the hot springs. It was an amazing way to spend my day, which was topped off with a full body massage.

Jiuhua Spa’s hot springs are of the best quality and the water is even table quality. However, if you want to do more than just experience the hot springs, the resort is very large with more than ten different restaurants in the area. If you decide to stay overnight in the resort, prices start at about 480 Yuan. It would be very easy to stay an entire week in the area. There are several different districts within the resort itself and many different pools to visit. Although I was only able to stay for a day, I could have easily stayed for several just to experience the different pools as well as the different services the resort had to offer. After walking into the main building, you are greeted with several different packages you can purchase. I opted for one that cost me 200 yuan, which included access to all of the hot springs as well as a full body massage lasting an hour. At first, this did not seem to be an option, but if you ask around, the people working there will lead you to another area where you can purchase different packages. My 200 Yuan was well spent!

When you travel to Beijing, you should definitely travel to northern Beijing and experience the hot Springs for yourself. 200 Yuan for a spa day is the equivalent to about thirty dollars, which is unheard of in the United States. I cannot begin to describe the beauty of the resort and how relaxing my day was. I could not have asked for a better massage or experience for that matter.

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