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Those of you who do not know where the Hidden Lounge is and how to find it are not alone.  As its name implies, the Hidden Lounge is sneakily tucked away inside the CBD International Apartment complex in the Shuangjing District.  Open the door under a dimly lit sign, and walk down the stairs into another world.  It’s a mellow/chic bar and lounge that offers a delicious selection of cocktails and hookah.  It’s been weeks since I got off my China flights, and I’ve only just found it myself.  The bar is littered with cushions, couches, and curtains that make you feel right at home.  The atmosphere is relaxed, and the background music is an eclectic mix of dance music, jazz, and Latin music that speaks to my soul.  In addition, it’s the only place I’ve found in China that serves salty popcorn that isn’t coated inside and out with sugar.  It’s one of the best lounges to stop by in when you travel to Beijing.

Hidden is a great place to unwind after a long day.  After a nine hour work day and two hours of Chinese Lessons a little nagging voice tells me to pass out.  The angel on my shoulder tells me I need to contact friends and family back home, and work on my own projects, and his counterpart tells me I should go out with friends and blow off some steam.  Hidden lets me do all three.  The wifi allows me to be semi-productive (I did some work on a startup I help run, while some of my friends worked on their Chinese homework), the relaxing atmosphere lets me relax with my friends, and the absurdly comfortable seating lets me take a load off.  Hidden is the kind of bar where you can have your cake and eat it too.

A huge part of the environment is the owner, originally hailing from Orlando Florida.  He’s been in Beijing for the past eight years, has lots of great stories and advice for travelers.  With his help I finally know where to find Mexican food in Beijing, something I’ve craved since I first arrived.  Just remember to leave him a tip, a habit that has been beaten out of me here in China.  No matter how great it is to travel, it’s always nice to have a little bit of home, and I promise you that he won’t find it rude.  When you travel to Beijing, make a stop at Hidden.

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