Did you ever ponder what a gypsy/ Spanish pub would be like in China? Well I did not until I heard about a little place called Salud that is tucked in Sanlitun’s back streets. The word salud means health in Spanish not just physical but mental and social health as well and spending a night in this interesting bar really will make you healthy. For any person who just finished one a long first day of Beijing tours this place is a great location to sit down and enjoy the company of friends or complete strangers. And if I might suggest an order to place, for those who love food, their tapas is legendary and it comes free with a pint of Tsingtao.  It is the only place I have been to in Beijing that actually gives you a pint when you order a pint. I addition to their tapas all the other food they serve is amazing as well and the service is fast and kind. If you are not hungry when you get there though there is plenty of drink options from around the world including special rum made at salud. It is only 20rmb to get what they call The Salud Special Spice Flavor on the rocks and it is probably the only drink you can get in Beijing that is worth more than what you pay for it. For those who head home late from this bar though make sure to get a metered cab back to your China hotels otherwise like me you might end up splitting a 100 rmb cab between 4 people.

If you are a music lover salud always has different artist playing. When I went I got to listen to a band that played improve and they were amazing. The night I went it was Gypsy Jazz Jam-Session night. The music was so funkalisous it was hard not to dance even sitting at a cramped table with 7 of my friends.  The bar itself is not cramped though in fact it has two floors though if you are taller watch out for some of the low hanging beams. They also host a variety of events weekly that always come with specials such as a free entrance fee cheaper drinks and I have been told free drinks for those who come on special nights. So if you are doubting weather of not to book your Beijing flight because there is much more to explore if you only look around.  “People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” – Dagobert D. Runes



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