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Being from the central United States, my original perception of fashion of Beijing was nonexistent, but if you ever decide to travel to Beijing, some basic understanding of what people like to wear here might be helpful! After stepping off of my China flight in my yoga pants and oversized t-shirt, the difference between what I was wearing and what local people were wearing was immediately evident. Not only did I feel as though I stuck out with my blonde hair and blue eyes, but I was immensely under-dressed. Beijing has made its way to being a fashion forward country with a lot of western influence.

Beijing fashion can easily be explored just by going out in the city. One thing I have really taken in when I am out and about is how pretty I find all of women’s dresses to be. I take the subway on a daily basis and every day the clothes I see women wearing never cease to amaze me. Every day I see a new dress that I just adore and wish I owned. I feel as though the women enjoy wearing longer dresses and skirts. I have also seen a plethora of women wearing skirts or dresses that are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Not only do these women dress to impress, but they accessorize beautifully as well with taller heels never amiss. Beijing fashion mirrors that of the United States, but almost in a more upscale manner.

Although westernized style clothing fit in more often than not, there are several differences I have picked up on since being in Beijing. If you’re ever in New York City or any other big city for that matter there is almost always one person who seems to dress rebelliously or who seems to stick out more so than most. Since being in China, I have not noticed anyone dressing in that nature. The only aspect of their clothing that seems to be different than me is how more than half of the women you see in the streets are wearing heels and not just little kitten heels, but very tall, swanky heels. I wish I had the stamina that these women possess to walk around such a vast city in such tall shoes! Not only do they almost always wear heels, but I rarely see someone dressed casually. Needless to say my Nike running shorts would not fit in very well.

If you ever find yourself on a China flight, there are several things you should definitely consider packing. Firstly, a good pair of comfortable heels is a must-have and secondly, dresses and skirts; especially those that are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Everyone dresses to impress here and as a visitor, I have found that I am more often underdressed than not. The fact that the women clearly put a lot of consideration into what they are wearing and how they are perceived further demonstrates how much wealth is present in the city of Beijing. Travel to Beijing and come see these fashion trends for yourself!

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