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On June 25, 2012, in Activities, Adventure Trip, Beijing, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

Have you ever been bungee jumping?  How about Bungee Jumping during your China travel? Well I just Bungee jumping for my first time in China of all places! As scary as it sounds, it was one of the best experiences I have had in my whole life.  And it was incredibly safe the place I went to was In Shidu just an hour and a half outside of Beijing and it had a European safety certificate.  The only time I had a bit of fear flow through me was as right as I leapt from the 55m drop and thought to myself, “This is not the smartest thing I have done.” However, my fear was soon taken over by the overwhelming feeling of freedom off falling weightlessly and I screamed “wooohooooo!”  Of all the experiences I have had In China so far or even out of all the experiences I have had in my life this has been the best. There is nothing like jumping off a ledge that is surrounded by beautiful scenery, it is a rush of beauty and adrenalin all in one.  The only comparable feeling was the plane landing from my Beijing flights because of the stomach dropping feeling.  Also in Shidu there are lots of people in boats bellow that look up at you and even cheer you on as you fall.

My only disappointment was that the initial fall did not last long enough I would have liked to jump twice to satisfy my new craving. However, I think if I went twice I would want to go three times then four or five. Shidu is not the only Bungee jumping place in china either! In Beijing you can jump of a 38 meter bungee jump in the Olympic stadium. I have added this jump to my list of things to do before I leave Beijing.  In addition there are other ones around China such as Qinglong Gorge and Yangqi Lake. I will defiantly go to the one in Macau on a separate trip because I hear Macau has the highest jump of a total of 338 meters.  There are some pretty unique China hotels in all of these area for the adventurous traveler. However If you are not looking to stay I the outskirts of the city you can always take a bus for cheep to these locations. So don’t forget to get your guts up and jump off a cliff whenever you get the chance because it is an experience you will never forget. I know that I will remember my first bungee for the rest of my life! “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Jack Li
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  1. ChangLIU says:

    you are such a crazy girl! I also went to shidu but only for boating.

  2. Chang LIU says:

    you are such crazy. i also had been to shidu but only for boating. haha

    • Janna says:

      Haha No you should try it :) I wanted to go boating there but did not have the time. What kind of boat did you get?

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