If you travel to Shanghai with kids you certainly don’t want to miss the most popular places the city has to offer like the Bund or Yu Gardens. But on the other hand kids might get bored of too much sightseeing after a while. For a little break in between the Wild Insect Kingdom is a great place for families in particular but in general for everyone interested in nature and animals. And museums are always a great option in case the weather is not so great while you’re on your China Tours.


There are not only insects but also a large number of reptiles, amphibians and fish as well as other animals you actually wouldn’t expect in an insect museum. This might come as a surprise to parents but for kids it offers just more exciting things to see. The first animals you see when you walk inside are not insects either. Three ferrets and a seal in a very small tank welcome you at the entrance before you get to the ‘rainforest’. While walking across bridges you’ll pass an alligator and chameleons and you can feed the huge koi fish swimming in the water underneath. The path leads you towards an area with snakes and little monkeys before you get to the actual insects with all kinds of bugs, like walking sticks, beetles, centipedes etc.


There is no elevator to the basement floor, so be prepared to carry your stroller down or just leave it there for a while if you don’t really need it. The lower floor is partly decorated like a cave showing more animals in their habitat. The selection of turtles and tortoises is pretty extensive and some are really interesting to look at, not only for kids. There is even a section with goats, bunnies, Guinea pigs and other animals kids love to pet. A great place for younger kids is the little water landscape where they can just play or try to catch some fish. You might consider bringing some clothes to change in case they get themselves all wet. There is a rest area right next to the water place but apart from popcorn you can’t really get anything to eat in the museum, so you should bring enough snacks for while you’re there.


The Museum is located in Shanghai’s center close to the Oriental Pearl Tower. You can get there via the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel to cross to the other side of Hunagpu River in case your Shanghai Hotel is located west of it. For young kids this tunnel is already an adventure comparable to an amusement park ride with sound and light effects and meanwhile a convenient way to cross from one side of the river to the other. When you get out of the underground pass you follow along the street on your left hand side and at the next street corner you’ll find a sign towards the museum. The Shanghai Aquarium is also not far, so if you want to see both places you can easily do that on the same day.

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