If you travel to Beijing you will certainly pass more than one university on your way and sometimes you might not even realize it. Not all universities are as big and famous as Beijing Daxue or Tsinghua University but there are lots of bigger and smaller universities in the city that are worth stopping by for a short visit on your Beijing Tours. Even if you’re not that interested in seeing the inside of the buildings you can walk around on the campus and take the opportunity to sit down in a quiet spot and enjoy a little snack and a drink or have a look at what’s going on around you. On the weekends universities are places where not only students spend their free time but also visitors because during the day they are in general open to the public.

When you look at the main building you wouldn’t think that its history goes back over a hundred years. It was founded in 1902 as one of the earliest established institutions of higher education in the country. After several changes it was named Beijing Normal University in 1923 and it is today one of the nation’s first ten key universities, situated northwest of Beijing’s center. In contrast to its past the architecture of the university is modern rather than traditional. Especially the entrance of the main building with its particular design the fountain in front of it offers a great opportunity to take some nice pictures. When you enter the main hall you’ll find a model of Normal University which gives you an impression on how big the grounds really are. At present, BNU has 22 schools, 6 departments, 14 research institutes and a number of research centers. Currently over 16,000 full time students are enrolled including 8,000 undergraduate students and over 7,000 master’s degree and doctoral candidates.

The university’s main subjects include Chinese Language and Culture, Historical Studies, Psychology, Pedagogy, Pre-school Education and Studies of Educational Techniques. With a growing number of foreign students coming to Chinese universities BNU also offers different Chinese language programs and cooperates with numerous foreign universities. One reason why over 2,000 students from other countries are currently enrolled at BNU is China’s fast growing economy and with that the demand for Chinese speaking employees in foreign countries.

In 2011 BNU had the honor of welcoming Premier Wen Jiabao to the graduation ceremony at the university. The reason for this important visit was the first year of tuition free normal graduates. Nearly everywhere in the world education is an important element of a country’s culture and therefore it’s interesting to see some differences and common points between different universities. Many big and well-known universities are not far from the city center. For that reason you can easily stop by on your China Tours for a short visit.

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