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On April 5, 2012, in Beijing, Museums, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

You are going to travel to Beijing and are interested in nature and the environment? If you are travelling with kids the Natural History Museum of Beijing might be the right place for you to go. It is one of the biggest museums of its kind in China and offers lots of interesting things to see for all ages. It’s easy to find right next to the Park in which The Temple of Heaven is situated. There you can also relax and walk around and, of course, visit the famous temple before or after your visit to the museum. Or you can book one of the numerous Beijing tours instead if you want to see more historical sights.

Especially on a holiday this place is packed with kids, parents and grandparents enjoying family time together. There are different areas, for example The Gallery of Ancient Reptiles, the Dinosaur Park or the Discovery Park where visitors can see, touch and learn. With many hands-on experiences it is very child friendly and interestingly presented. Some appliances don’t work anymore but especially the kids don’t seem to care too much about it.

Like most other museums it is closed on Mondays, just keep that in mind when you plan your trip. Although there is no general entrance fee you have to pay for the special exhibition. But I’d say it’s worth the money.
If you don’t have good knowledge of the Chinese language it is advisable to rent an English translator because some parts of the museum are only in Chinese and in other parts some titles and explanations are in English but all further information is not. For some further details, the translator is very helpful and informative and easy to use.

Although it is popular with families and it attracts lots of visitors there is still room for improvements, concerning for example modern technologies and interactive appliances. Nevertheless, the 3D and 4D Theater is a real highlight with several different films which are shown at different times during the day. Unfortunately, there so far no films in English and also no translation service for the theater. So it is not made for foreigners.

The last floor is currently partly under construction and hard to find since the stairs of the main hall just lead to the upper floors. So you either have to walk up and then find stairs to walk two floors down or you have to cross the first floor to find stairs leading downwards. There are several stores to buy games, books and other souvenirs as well as cafeterias for a little break in between. All in all it’s a very recommendable location for a family trip.

You’ve already seen everythingthat’s important to you in Beijing? Go on travelling, there are so many other intersting places to see. Why don’t you travel to Shanghai?

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