It comes to a high time to plan your China tour in the beautiful springtime and open the arms to brace the God’s gifts of nature. Think about going on a nice journey during the Qingming Festival? Don’t you ever forget to put Wuhan into your destination list. Book your China flights to Wuhan now, because this central China city might bring you the most special joy! There are cherry blossom trees in the Wuhan University, the long-history Huanghe Tower, the magnificent Yangtze River Bridge and a lot other cool attractions to visit. When you are in Wuhan, you will enjoy a tremendous variety of Chinese cuisine. The best part is that even in a lot of fancy restaurants they are not much expensive. Tempted? Let’s check those places one by one to clear up our minds and figure out how to make this Wuhan trip prefect.

Wuhan University and the Cherry Blossom Festival
Springtime in Wuhan is wonderful, especially in the campus of Wuhan University. Started at the end of the 19th century, Wuhan University has a profound history. What makes an spring trip to Wuhan even more special is that the most charming days last only two or three weeks. However for this short period, you will enjoy a lovely and inviting weather. Everywhere of the campus is covered in the sea of cherry blossom. Just strolling on the campus, the architectures will definitely amaze you and bring time back to old time. It will be a very memorable tour. There are different kinds of cherry blossoms in the Wuhan University. You can distinguish them by colours. The yellow ones are bright, white ones pure, red ones fabulous and pink ones adorable. When you are exposed yourself in this ideal flower world, prepare that maybe something romantic will happen. It is said that a lot of love stories actually took places here.

East Lake

A lake that is the largest lake within a city throughout China, a lake that is regarded the lake with ninety-nine bays, that’s the East Lake in Wuhan. Travelers going there can really have a pleasant time to relax. You can take a boat from docks and go for a row on the lake! Really brace the beauty of mountain and water. What an experience! After rowing, there is a bird sanctuary, the Wuhan Botanical Garden, museums and other attractions to visit. Liyuan Park is on the west side of the East Lake. Don’t miss it if you are a swimming fan. It is a popular area that you can swim for free. Wuhan Botanical Garden is located on a peninsula in the East Lake. The gardens there are various. For example aquatic plants, Chinese grooseberry trees, pine, bamboo and so on. In the eastern part of the lake area, quite a few places across the lake offer the chance for visitors to go fishing and enjoy the beaches.

Yellow Crane Tower
To understand the status of Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, you have to know that it is the symbol of the city and it is seen as the first scenery under the sky. The roof of the Yellow Crane Tower is covered by 100,000 yellow glazed tiles. Travellers can enjoy stunning views in the tower. Famous Poet Libai once wrote, my friend has left the west, where the Yellow Crane towers; his lessening sail is lost in the boundless blue sky, where I see but the endless River rolling by. A visit to Yellow Crane Tower offers a lot of attractions to see. Inside the tower, every floor has a mail theme and own style. They display different cultural memories left by ancient saints. The first floor is about legend. The third floor is about poem. On the fifth floor, travelers are able to enjoy an overlook view of Yangtze River, the Yangtze River Bridge and the surrounding architectures of the City.

People of Wuhan are friendly and nice. Food in the city is a perfect mix of most China regional flavors. Start to make a new China tour for April and Qingming Festival. With plentiful restaurants, the only problem you have is to choose one you wanna go mostly each time. The Wuchang fish there is famous worldwide. Wuhan is near to Sichuan and Hunan, so you can easily find hotpot and spicy dish. If it is your first time, try good restaurants on Taipei Road and Hong Kong Road. And Jiqing Street is a good choice to enjoy local food and snacks. There are so many interesting things to talk about Wuhan. One eyewitness is always better than hundred hearsays. Pack your bag. Start a new travel plan. Don’t hesitate and let’s go!

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