Yunnan is Chinas most south western province which borders the countries of Burma, Laos and Vietnam and neighbours fellow provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Tibet. Yunnan is referred to as ‘the place south of the colourful clouds’. Yunnan is known for its breath taking views of beautiful landscapes, its diverse population of ethnic groups and creatures. This area is very accessible with many domestic flights arriving in Yunnan, it is best to check out Air China to see the best deal. Yunnan should be highly considered in your China Travels!!

Yunnan is a mountainous area and is surrounded by many lakes
and rivers. On the North West side of the province it is in a high elevation area and the South East it is in a low elevation area. Majority of the population lives on the east side of Yunnan and the population of Yunnan exceeds 45 million people. The capital of Yunnan is Kunming and it is one of the main destinations tourists go to. Majority of tourists are from the mainland but in recent years the number of tourists from other countries have been increasing. The weather in Yunnan is quite adaptable and is relatively good all year round, in January the temperature is roughly 8°-17° and in July the temperature is roughly 21°-27°. However the summer months which are June to August, they get over half of the year’s predicted rain. But it is still a good time to go especially if you do love the rain. This mild climate is very attractive to all.

There are over 600 lakes and rivers in Yunnan which contributes to the beautiful scenery. The main popular lakes which attract the attention of the tourists are the Dianchi Lake, Fuxian Lake, Erhai Lake, Lugu Lake, Qilu Lake, Yangzong Lake, Yilong Lake, Xinyung Lake. Majority of these lakes averages about 30 square kilometres each. Yunnan is also a source of two main rivers they are the Xi River and the Yuan River. Because of this agriculture is a very strong focus and Yunnan is rich in natural resources. Yunnan has the highest reserves of aluminium, lead, zinc and tin in all of China. This province also has a large diversity of plant life. In all of China there are roughly 30,000 different plants and Yunnan has 17,000.

There is a diverse culture in Yunnan; there are many different ethnic groups. Out of the 56 which is recognised by the mainland there are 25 different ethnic groups in Yunnan which are in compacted communities and majority of them are from the minority groups. Some of these groups are part of the Tibetan, Yao, Va, Hui, just to name a few. Therefore when visiting this area one would be able to experience and see many diverse cultures and try out very different foods, cultural events and locations.


The main appeal to Yunnan is its glorious landscapes it has to offer from extremely large mountains to beautiful never ending lakes. If you love nature, Yunnan is the place to be. The temperatures of Yunnan is very appealing as well but if you want to go hiking expect to see snow-capped mountain tops, so pack something suitable. Being able to see many different cultures in one or close areas is also a great advantage. So get away from the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai and go to China Tours to see ‘the place south of the colourful clouds’ and enjoy the spectacular views Yunnan has to offer.

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