If you want to escape the busy sounds and bright lights of Beijing and want to enjoy the outdoors for a long weekend or just for the day one should definitely head to the ski slopes. Especially if you are visiting in the winter, experiencing the snow is a must on your China Tour. The recommended places which you should check out are Nanshan Ski Village, Duolemeidi Resort and Wanlong Resort. These places are advisable if you just want to add these activities to your Beijing Tour.


Firstly if you just want to spend a day or overnight in the snow, Nanshan Ski Village is the best way to go. From Beijing it is located roughly 62 kilometres away which will just take little over an hour to get to Nanshan, you can either hire a car or get a shuttle bus to take you to the Village. Based in the Miyun County, Nanshan provides different activities for all four seasons. Of course skiing is in the winter, hiking in the spring, and swimming in the summer and fruit-picking in autumn, these are just the few recommended activities which can be done throughout the year.  This place always attracts visitors all year round due to its exquisite sight-seeing. In regards to the snow, Nanshan has 12 trails up for offer ranging from advanced to beginners and even the people who do not want to ski can still enjoy their time in the snow. There are also restaurants, coffee places and bars which are located in this area.


If you want to spend a weekend or a little bit longer in the snow you can head to the Chongli Village where both Duolemeidi Resort and Wanlong Resort is located. However from Beijing, travel time will be close to 4 hours and there are quite a few options to get to Chongli Village. First option is that you can catch a train which leaves from Beijing and arrives at Zhangjiakou and then for the extra 50km you can catch a taxi. The taxi is quite reasonable considering the distance, then once you have arrived at Chongli there are shuttle buses which takes you to the resort. Alternatively you can hire a van and drive along the highway to the Chongli but it just depends how confident you feel about driving through Beijing traffic.


Chongli Village is located in the Heibi province and there are not many foreigners here so you will be able to see more of the traditional China compared to Beijing. Duolemeidi Resort is quite modern and has great long slopes which should be tried out via the five chair lifts provided. It has great elevation and always has excellent snow making conditions and they provide a rental service which is reasonably priced. Also if you want a change of scenery there is a shuttle bus which can take you to Wanlong Resort.


Wanlong Resort is the recommended ski resort if you want to stay for quite a few nights. It has a three star hotel which provides all necessary facilities and dining requirements of either Chinese or Western food. Wanlong has the largest ski mountain in China which has a huge variety of slopes. There are six different chair lifts which takes you to different parts of the mountain. From the top of the mountain there are 7 distinct trails which then branches off to 11 more trails and recently 6 more trails have been added. So there are definitely a lot of slopes for you to discover.


So get away from Beijing and experience a Winter Wonderland. Depending on the length of your trip in Beijing there are different areas which are available and whether you are an advanced skier or someone like me who hardly ever sees snow and wants to make a snow angel, these recommendations is a must before you board that China flight home.


Jack Li

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