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On January 13, 2012, in Beijing, Nightlife, Nightlife, by Jack Li

The origins of Black Friday date far back to the September 24, 1864 stock market disaster which saw gold prices plummet.  The term was re-appropriated in the late 1960s by a number of Newspapers in Philadelphia to describe the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, which is usually filled with consumer mayhem. Some believe the term was introduced to describe the escalated levels of consumerism in the city’s shops, as the merchants’ increased sales sent the stores books from the red into the black. The term has since then been utilized by the Philadelphia Police department to describe the bedlam which engulfed the city, as large traffic jams and crowds brought the city to a standstill.

As the popularity of the ‘Black Friday’ superstition grew people began to associate the day with something unpleasant or simple bad luck.  However this Black Friday Beijing will come alive as a number of pubs and clubs offer a whimsical and spooky salute to the dark-side. To experience the festivities visit Air China and Beijing Tours, and let the variety of specials on offer brighten any Black Friday feelings of doom and gloom.

If you’re feeling down and out today wonder down to The Green Cap Bar and let the luck of the Irish transform your night.  The Green Cap Bar has joined forces with the Filling Station to host a Spooky Costume Party, with profits going to the wonderful charity ‘Roundabout’. To join in this amazing party head down to The Green Cap Bar-Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District and get your spook on!

If this doesn’t tickle your fancy and you’re looking for something a little more devilish, proceed to the Temple Bar, which will be filled with violent metal tunes, bloody drinks, and hard core metal heads.  With a wide range of metal inspirations ranging from Sabbath, Slayer, Maiden, Motorhead, and Judas Priest, the Temple Bar is not for the faint hearted!

Beijing’s after-dark scene has a vast array of Pubs and Clubs filled with explosive energy, endless possibilities and great music to satisfy even the finickiest visitors. For serious clubbers head to the White Rabbit, the sparsely decorated underground club offers some of the hottest tunes in the city guaranteed to ensnare your attention and have you gyrating till the early hours. This Friday night the Dao Club in Xizhimen, is hosting a “Pure Black” Drum & Bass and Dubstep bash to mark Friday the 13th where anything goes!

The night’s possibilities will ease the post-Christmas & New Year’s carousing and will prepare you for the new 2012 Spring Festival celebrations.  Visit Beijing Flights and join the revelry which sets the nation’s capital apart from the rest of the country. This Friday night get your dancing shoes on and head out into Beijing’s realm of endless possibilities and make it a night to remember!




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