After years of economic reform China has emerged as one of the most important countries for Foreign Direct Investment. As a direct result of the 1978 ‘Open Door’ government policies’, economic growth in China has rapidly escalated.  Moreover since the early 1990s China has been the world’s largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment among all developing countries.  The establishment of Special Economic Zones along the east coast of China combined with the new Joint Venture Laws effectively liberalized the new Chinese Market Economy.

Located on the east coast of China, Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province was greatly affected by the new open door policy. Fujian was granted a Special Economic Status during the reforms, which saw a rapid escalation of Joint Ventures and Foreign Direct Investment flowing into the city.

As a direct result of the opening up of China to western influences, travelers from around the globe flocked to the ancient eastern power. China Tours and Air China are currently offering a number of great specials to this amazing city.

Today Fuzhou has strong economic exchanges with Southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Europe and North America. Initial trade focused on labor intensive industries, textiles, plastics and footwear; however recent expansions now include trade areas such as electronics, technology and automobile manufacturing. As a result of the strong economic growth over the past twenty plus years, Fuzhou city has emerged as a prosperous and exciting tourist destination.

The amalgamation of cultural traditions and an ancient history with new entrepreneurial enterprises and contemporary lifestyles has produced a captivating city on the move. Traditional historic sites are combined with man-made natural parks and gardens to provide this exciting city with a charged environment. The vast array of ancient temples, tombs, towers and bridges illustrate the city’s long and convoluted history.

For the best view of the city’s urban growth head to Mt. Gu (Drum Hill) in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou, approximately 17km from the City Center. Mt Gu is located on the banks of the Min River, so it’s a great place to escape form the oppressive summer heat while exploring some of the areas greatest National Parks, Buddhist temples, and towers such as Wu Tower.

Other mountains located within the city’s limits include the famous Mt. Yu, which has a corresponding White Tower facing Mt. Gu. Continuing north of the city to Hubin Lu, you will find the illustrious West Lake Park, named after the famous West Lake in Hangzhou.


Throughout history the park developed a reputation of legendary beauty which attracted visitors from around the globe. No visit to Fujian province is complete without a journey to the renowned Wuyi Mt. which was listed by UNESCO as one of the world most important natural beauties and cultural heritages. Furthermore Wuyi is considered by many as being one of the greatest scenic sensations of southern China, for more information on the idyllic location head to China Travel.

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