Chengdu the capital of Sichuan is easily accessible form a wide array of domestic and international destinations; there are numerous Chengdu Flights which arrive daily to its impressively large airport visit China Flights for more details. Moreover if you have the time and the desire for an authentic ride amongst locals and other domestic travellers, then China’s extensive rail network and bus tours are easily manageable. China’s train and bus schedules are fairly regular which connect this bustling city to the rest of the country.  Sichuan cuisine is famous for its delicious bold flavors’ and aromas which will have you yearning for assortment of spicy food including the well-known local Hotpot dishes (火锅; Huoguo) or Kung Pao Chicken (宮保雞丁).


With a mild climate year round, there is always much to see and do whether it be exploring Chengdu’s 2000 year old history, leisurely taking in the local sights and shops, or traveling further out to visit the Panda sanctuary, the biggest Buddha in the world or Jiuzhaigou Nature Park.  Since the disastrous earthquake on May 12, 2008 in Wenchuan County, a large number of Pandas living in Wolong National Natural Reserve became homeless and had to be relocated. The new Panda reserve Bifeng Gorge is located in Ya’an City which is one hour’s traveling from Chengdu. The Panda reserve offers a wide assortment of information on the specialized breeding programs within the picturesque park. It is an enjoyable day trip for those wishing to learn more about the gentle giants, the breeding programs or simply relax and enjoy the sightseeing.


Continuing north is the scenic town of Leshan, home of the world’s largest stone Buddha.  The Buddha casts a striking pose carved into the side of a mountain at the convergence of three rivers, known as the Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River. Those visiting Leshan will be mesmerized by the sheer size and history of this famous landmark.  The best time of year to explore the northern parts of Sichuan and the incredible Min mountain range and Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve is in autumn. Arriving before the cold frozen winter weather allows you to experience the wide assortment crystalline lakes and rivers which are surrounded by an abundance of bright colors and astonishing beauty.  The history of Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve has been greatly influenced by local minorities and is entwined with legends and myths which cast a mystical atmosphere over the picturesque park.


When you begin your China Travel trip to Sichuan be prepared for a laid back leisurely atmosphere and amazing culinary experiences. Moreover be prepared to become trigger happy with your camera, the astonishing abundance of sights available ranging from Chengdu’s Panda Reserve, to the great Buddah and Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve will make a happy snapper out of you.

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