What You Can See Along the Li River

On November 14, 2011, in Cruises, Guilin, Nature Scenery, by Jack Li

Your Guilin tour will not be complete unless you travel on the Li River. On the Li River you will be able to see water buffalo swimming. If you look toward the land you can observe peasants reaping the rice paddies. School kids and fishing will float by on bamboo rafts. The most important scenery you will witness is the breath taking beauty of the scenery around. So travel to Guilin and see for yourself the amazing scenery of Li River.     

The 4 hour picturesque Li River cruise from Zhujiang Pier of Guilin downstream to Yangshuo is a must for any tourist when they come to Guilin. The boats are always double deck boats equipped with air-conditioners, tables and chairs and toilets. You may go out to stand on the open deck to enjoy the view along the Li River. Some people still live in their villages surrounded by rice paddies, bamboo forests and green hills along the river, their ducks and water-buffalos swimming in the river and their cormorants sleeping on the fishing bamboo rafts in the day and their orchards and tea plantation spreading all the way up to the mountain top. Thanks to local tourism authorities and tourism industry development in these years, more and more middle generation people are coming back home from the coastal industrial cities and their hard labor jobs as they may provide beds and accommodation, food and travel service to the increasing domestic tourists. Local villages give up building bridges over the rive as they want to protect their environment and they know more than any others what it means to them, they clean the trash after raining season, they maintain the banks in low season, they plant more trees and bamboo to make it more beautiful, and of course local governments invest on villages roads…

The Li River will be worth your time. It will give you memories that you will never want to forget. If you are across the country and decided that you want to go see the Li River for your self then book a Guilin flight it will get you there fast.

Jack Li

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