Take a China tour and enjoy the different types of transportation. There are several types of transportation you should try they are airplanes, rickshaws, bikes, buses, taxis, and subway. These types of transportation will add excitement to your China travels.


If you would love to see more then one city in China but you only have a limited of time in China, then feel free to travel by Airplane. Airplanes will get you there fast so you can spend more time sight seeing.


Rickshaws are a cool way to see the sights. A rickshaw is a small carriage pulled by a driver who is riding a bike. Tourist who visit Beijing love to ride rickshaws through the hutongs. Rickshaws are not only used in Beijing they are used all over so if you decided that you don’t feel like walking then find a rickshaw so that you can still enjoy the sights.


Another cool way to see the sights is by biking them. Some places where it is fun to bike are Xi’an city wall and from your hotel in Yangshuo to the mud caves. It is also a great way to get your exercises and to see the sights. Many local Chinese ride bikes on a daily basis. So if you want to feel like a local rent a bike and ride it around the city you are staying at. The best time to go bike riding is in the summertime.


Only major cities like Beijing and Shanghai have subways so if you go to a city that has no subway you will need to ride a bus. Buses are a fun way to travel. Just make sure you know where you are going so that you don’t miss your stop. There are different types of buses first is a double decker bus. On these buses it will be easier for you to find a seat. The second type of bus is a tours bus these buses come with soft comfortable seats. So if you want to see an attraction that is far from your city it is a good idea to catch one of these buses.  The third type of bus is a regular bus; these buses are great for getting you around the city. They will be less expensive then a taxi.


If you want to travel to your destination fast then taxi is the best way to go. Taking a taxi will cost you more then taking the subway or bus. If you travel after eleven pm at night in Beijing you will need to take a taxi since the subway will be closed.  


Traveling by subway is easy to do. Every subway station has a map in it that show all the subway lines and where they are going. So when you enter the subway you will need to know what stop you need so that you can find your way by using the subway map. The subway takes over one million people a day. It is a lot cheaper then going by taxi. Most popular attractions in Beijing have a subway stop near it.

 So when you came to China remember that it is easy to get around. You can book your China flight online to help you get to your destination fast. Bus, taxis and subways are also convent for everyday travel.

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