When you go on your China travel there are a couple of activities you should try while you are visiting. The first activity is KTV known as Karaoke Television. The second is street food. You must try the street food. KTV and street food are very popular to the locals and to foreigners. Trying these two activities will be entertaining for you and the people who will come with you on your China tour.   

KTV is the Best way to send a night.

If you want to have fun like the local do then KTV is right for you. KTV stands for Karaoke Television. Instead of singing karaoke at a bar, here in China they rent out rooms for people to come and sing and dance. So if you just want to have fun times try KTV.

There are many reason why people go to KTV some of reason could be for a work party, or for a friends birthday party or just to be able to hangout with each other. Each group of people will get one room where all of their friends are and sing to each other their favorite’s songs. Each room has a big scene and a stage with a microphone. KTV will allow you to get your groove on and impress your friends. Foreigners love going to KTV because it is really fun way to send their time and they can feel like a small celebrity without being judged.

Street food is good-

Most cities in China will have street food able to you. Some cities will have night market where you can walk down a street of vendors and see the different street food that they are offering. Some of the foods you can try are star fish, snake, and frog, meat on a stick, dog, cat, sea horse, bugs and much more. If you don’t want to try a new adventure then you can get fruit with a sugar coating (these are really good) or yogurt.

If you are too scared to try these kinds of food you can always get a Chinese pancake.  These pancake are made with egg you can watch the person make it for you. They have a big circle grill where they pour the batter then they use a stick to make the batter circle. They will cook each side of it when it. You will have a choices of what you want to put in side of it lettuce or a meat. When it is all done the person making it will fold it up and give it to you. It will be nice and warm. These are good to eat whenever. Another food you should try is the China style burger. These are pitas filled with meat and lettuces. They are really good. So when you are in China make sure you try the street food.    

As you get off your China flight make note to try KTV and street food. Trying these two activities will allow you to be entertained. It will also help you understand Chinese cultural a little better. You might think that the street food is weird but many locals enjoy these kinds of food and eat it on a regular basic. So come to China and do what the locals do.

Jack Li
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  1. Max Bartie says:

    Wow. I cannot wait try China streetfood and KTV! When I get off my china flight I will make sure to try dog on a stick and maybe bug with sugar coat (sounds good)!!

    Can I get horse stuffed with lettuces? My friend try this and say it is really cool!

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