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On November 24, 2011, in Shopping, by Jack Li

Most people when they travel to a new country like to buy objects that remind them of their travels. This article will tell you want you need to buy on your China tour and where to buy them at. So when you travel to Beijing you will not worry about finding a souvenirs shops.

Beijing Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market)

Each year 1,000,000 visitors go shopping at the Pearl Market. The best time to stop by is during winter time and during the weekend day. Not a lot of people are shopping at these times so it will be easier for you to haggle. On the first few floors you will be able to find digital products and watches. The Pearl Market is the most famous digital market in Beijing. You can buy watches of all different brands. You can also find silk on these floors. Silk symbolizes ancient China times. You can buy silk scarf’s, ties and clothes.

On the other floors you will be able find jewelry from China’s famous jade to pearls to silver, coral and emerald gem. The Pearl Market is the largest pearl centre in China. You will be able to pick from seawater pearls or freshwater pearls. On these floors you will be able to find souvenirs to take home with you or give to other people. These souvenirs include eternal balls, chopped sticks, scrolls, dragons, phone charms, kites and much more.

The Pearl Market is located in Tiantan Donglu Chongwen District it is located right across the street from the Temple Of Heaven. If you are traveling there by subway take line 5 and get off at Tiantan East Gate, leave through exit A. As you exit look across the street you should see a building with big letters that say Hongqiao Market- Pearl Market.

 Silk street- (Xiushui Street)

Silk Street has over 300 stores, and each shop keeper will want you to buy something from them so be prepared to haggle. To get the best price haggle with more then one shopkeeper to see if you can get the price that you want. Also watch out of shopkeeper keepers they will trap you in their store and won’t let you leave in till you buy something. There are many things you can buy at Silk Street things like bags, shoes (all brands and types), coats, clothes, ties, silk, jewelry, souvenirs, plus much more.

The shopper keepers only speak simple English so they will use a calculator to show you the price, you will need to show them what you are willing to pay. They will start at a high number so you should start at a low number and slowly go up to the price that you are willing to pay. If they are being unreasonable walk away they will chase you down and say you can buy what you want for your price. Make sure you haggle or you will over pay. If you are traveling to Silk Street by subway take line 1 to Yong’anli station. The exit for Silk street will say Silk Street.

When you decide to go shopping make sure you plan on going for a couple of hours, you will need time to haggle. Always remember to have fun while you are haggling. Your Beijing tour will not be completed unless you try to haggle. So when you come to Beijing plan on shopping at one of the famous shopping centre.

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