Rules to Know about China Before You Come Over

On November 25, 2011, in Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

There are a couple of things that China does differently then the western countries. So before you start you China travels there is information you need to know. If you ever traveled to a new land you will know that things are different in each country so don’t expect things to be the same in China as in your own land. Your China tour will go smoothly if you understand what you need to prepared for.

1. How to cross the street

Unlike western countries where cars stop for pedestrians, in China the pedestrians stop for the cars. If the street is a bigger street you will notice many people crossing little by little meaning that the cars are still driving by and the people are standing in the middle of them. One reason why this happens is because people who are driving cars will usually ignore traffic laws. They will be in the wrong lanes or go when they should have stopped.

When you start to cross the street you will need to notice all of the cars. Keep a look out even when the sign for pedestrians is green. Make sure the cars notice you and know that you are there. If you are like most foreigners cross the street with other people go when they go, stop when they stop. Be care when you cross the street and remember to keep a look out and everything will be fine.

2. You will be a mini-celebrity

If you travel to a remote town or city you will have people staring at you. If you noticed they will also be taking your picture. If they know some English they will ask you to take a picture with them. It will make their day if you say yes and do. Don’t be rude let them take your picture, they are taking your picture as the fact that they don’t see that many westerns people. They will als0 try to speak to you give them some of your time, it will be worth it.

3. Internet sites blocked

If you plan on coming to China and you plan on getting on facebook then stop since facebook is blocked in China. Twitter is also block. Most people who come over find a proxy to use. Some of these proxies will cost you. Some are free but only work for a short time. Or most people will use their time in China and not get on facebook. The deciding is your find a proxy or not use facebook while you are here.

4. Carry tissue paper and hand sanitizer with you.

 When you start to travel around China you will quickly learn that most bathrooms don’t have toilet paper. So it will be helpful to you and others who are traveling with you if one of you has tissue paper. Some bathrooms will not have soap so remember to carry hand sanitizer with you.  If you are prepared then you will not need to worry about using a public bathroom.

Keep in mind these simple rules and you will be able to make it in China. So when you step off of your China flight you will be ready to travel around China. China is an exciting country you will see and do a lot. Therefore come prepared so that you can enjoy your time.

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