Part 1- A Quick Guide to China Trains

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If you are planning on a China tour and you want to travel by train but you have no idea on how to get a train ticket, look no further this article will tell you all you need to know about booking a train ticket. One of the cheapest ways to get around China is by traveling by trains. Traveling by train will help you save money on your China travel.

Train Tickets

There are many ways to get a train ticket you can go through your hotel, or you can go to the train station, or go to a train agency, or buy it online. The most convenient way is to go through your hotel. The hotel staff can help you book your ticket. Then the ticket will be sent to your hotel. If you don’t want to talk to anyone then you can email you hotel and ask them to do it for you. Hotels will charge you extra if you book your ticket through them.

If you want a cheap ticket the best way to do that is by going to the train station. In most stations the ticket office is separate from the waiting area. At the Beijing Station the ticket office is off to the left of the main part of the station, in big letters it says Ticket Office. If you are a foreigner make sure you go to the window that says Foreigners Window. To make it easier for you and the person helping you, write down where you want to go and what time you want to leave and what kind of train you want to go on. This way the person who is booking your ticket clearly understand what you want and it will be easier for them help you get the ticket you want. When you go to the train station make sure you take your passport with you. No passport no ticket.

The third place you can go to get a ticket is from a ticket agency. These agencies will be located in small offices around big cities. Some of these agencies will be hard to find and too recognized. The people working at these agencies might not know how to speak or read English so it might be helpful if you take a local with you to buy your ticket or if you know someone who can speak Chinese you can call them and have them translate for you. Another way is to have someone write down what you want in Chinese then all you have to do is show the piece of paper to workers and they can help you buy your ticket.  These agencies do have a small charge so be prepared to pay at least five Yuan.

A quick way to book a train ticket is by doing it online. Train tickets are usually expensive if you book online. There is a number of travel agency that sells train tickets for example ChinaTravelDepot is one. Just go to travel agency home page and click on tab that says “Trains”. Then type what city you are departing from and where you are arriving.  A list of schedule trains should pop up. Then pick a train that best fits your needs.

Traveling by train will be a lot cheaper then traveling by a China flight. Just remember there are lots of ways to get a train ticket. If you want quick and easy then go online or book through your hotel, but it will be more expensive. If you want cheaper then go to the train station or a train agency. Remember booking a train ticket is not hard to do.

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