The Beautiful Scenery of Yangshuo

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If you like fresh air and beautiful scenery then make sure on your next China travels you visit Yangshuo. In Yangshuo you can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Yangshuo is located in southern part of China in the Guangxi province. The nice part of Yangshuo is that most of the sightseeing attractions will be in walking or biking distance from your China hotel.

On of the best ways to send your day in Yangshuo is by biking and climbing through one of the many Mud Caves. In these caves you will be able to climb through the mountain to where the mud is and then if you so choose you can take a mud bath. A fun fact about mud is that you can float. When you are finished playing in the mud you can hike a little more to a stream that is also in the  mountain and wash off. If you are worried that you will get lost in the mountain, then don’t since there will be a tour guild with you the whole way.

If you go to the Moon Water Cave, you can play in a swimming pool after you hike out of the mountain. This is a great idea since you will probably have mud on you. The best time to go is in the summer months, where the weather is nice and hot so you will want to  get wet and dirty.                                                                              

Another fun way to send your day is going on a boat ride on the Li River. The boat ride will cost you 80RMBs. On the boat ride you will be able to see locals fishing for food. You will also see water oxen playing in the water. And the best part is the unbelievable scenery. The scenery is breath taking. On the Li River you will also see thousand of hills that surround Yangshuo and Li River. These hills have their own poses and expressions. Some of these hills look like people or things. One is named School Hill or Shutong Hill if you get close enough you will be able to make out a boy. 

If you want to go shopping or to get something to eat then you need to visit West Street aka Global Village. Foreigners come from all over the world to manage cafes and restaurants so there are plenty of food choices to choose from. The street is also good place to buy souvenirs. Some of the souvenirs you can buy are: Green Jade, a gain of rice with your name written on it plus your name in Chinese, pearls, purple Jade eternality balls, Chinese dresses, purses, wallets, silk and shirts plus much more. Just remember never buy anything without haggling for it.

Yangshuo is a beautiful place to visit. The best way to get here is by going on a China flight. When you visit you will see for your self that it is a gorgeous place. It is a great place to go if you want some flesh air. So when you plan your trip make sure you have time to visit Yangshuo.

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