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On October 14, 2011, in Cool Places, Shanghai, by Jack Li

If you love to save money and travel then make sure that ‘The Bund’ is on your Shanghai tour. Since Shanghai is China largest city there is lots to do if you are on a budget for example ‘The Bund’. So when you are on your Shanghai Flight make sure you have planned on seeing The Bund and Huangpu River. It is low in cost and is remarkable.

Facts on Shanghai, its population size is 23,019,148. It is located on Huangpu River making it a port city. It was first set up as a fishing and textile town, but then got popular after the signing of the 1842, Treaty of Nanking.  Western from all over started to move in. They set up banks and trading houses. The city became to be known for it thriving commercial and financial center. Shanghai was chosen in 1990 to lead China’s reform which resulted in development boom.

There are some reasons why you need to see the Bund. Number one is also the most important reason and that is because it does not cost anything to see. The second reason is the fact that it has 26 buildings that are all different in architectural styles. Some of these architectural differences included Gothic, Baroque, Classicism and Romanesque. Third reason is to see the ‘lovers wall’ that is located there. It is said that the ‘lovers wall’ was once the most romantic corner in Shanghai.  So when you visit you can stand on the wall next to the railings and feel the romantic atmosphere. It is also a great location to take pictures of the bund.

When you go to Bund make sure you keep an eye out for some of the statues that are located there. Some of these statues include one of Chen Yi who was the first communist mayor of Shanghai. Another one can be located on the other side of the Bund. This one is a Monument to the People’s Heroes. It was built in memory of those who died during the revolutionary struggle. There are a few more statues, so when you go see how many you can see and find out why they were placed there.

The Best part of the Bund is the night view. Each building is lit up differently making it look magical. The night view is another way for the viewer to see how many different architectural styles there are. Also having the river light up by the lights also makes it a great picture opportunity.

Even if you are on a budget you can still plan on going on a China tour. You just need to know what to do and one of those activities is seeing the Bund in Shanghai. It will let you see the modern China in a new light. You will not be sorry if you take  your time to go and see the Bund.

Jack Li

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