Chinese food is interesting, varied, cheap and tasty, however whilst on a China travel trip sometimes you just crave familiar food or your favourite take out/restaurant cuisine from back home. There are many varieties of alternate cuisine around including American, Italian, Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern, and this post is focused on one of the greatest Indian restaurants in central Beijing. Ganges is a restaurant which consists of 5 different branches across the city so you are sure to find a restaurant near to your Beijing hotel location.


Ganges Indian Restaurant

The restaurant has properties in five central areas within the city. One of the most centrally located is situated in Sanlitun Village shopping complex (nearest subway Tuanjiehu) and there are other locations in The Place shopping mall (Yonganli subway), Haidian (Wudaokou subway), the Lido area and opposite the Australian Embassy.

Opening times are 11am and depending on the location they close between 10.30 and 11pm. They will also deliver to your hotel and have an English speaking telephone number to place orders over the phone.

Ganges has won many awards for it’s excellent food, ambience and service including ‘Best Indian’ in The Beijinger magazine, ‘Outstanding Indian’ in That’s Beijing magazine, and ‘Best Indian in Beijing’ for four consecutive years in City Weekend magazine.


The prices at the restaurant are very reasonable, and about equal to the average take out price at home for an in restaurant meal. There is also a weekday lunch time buffet which is extremely good value at 48rmb per person, this includes unlimited starters, mains, bread, sides and desserts. There is a large variety of food on offer at the self service buffet table, and there are various meat and vegetable dishes from mild to very spicy.

The menu itself has a huge selection featuring traditional and fusion dishes from both North and South Indian cuisine. Familiar Indian dishes available include Tikka Masala, Biryani, Korma, Vindaloo and Rogan Josh (available in Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetable). All food served in Ganges Indian restaurants is halal.

If you are visiting for a meal in the evening, there are often entertainment performances with Indian style belly dancing alongside traditional and modern music videos projected on a large screen. The restaurant’s can also provide catering for private events and host parties at their restaurant locations. Eating at Ganges is a must on your next trip to Beijing!


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