When you plan your China tour make sure you plan on seeing a Panda, because it would be a sin to go all the way to China and not see a panda. A fun place to go see Pandas is the ‘Wild Animal Park’, in Shanghai. Here you will also be able to see 200 different animals from all over the world.  Seeing the wild animals will make your Shanghai tour.

The ‘Wild Animal Park’ is China national 1st grade zoo. It coves over 300 acres, don’t worry you don’t have to walk all of those acres. Part of the zoo is a bus tour. There are 200 different animals from all over the world including rare animals. There are five main animal sections which include the animal performing Hall, area for wild beasts, herbivores, penned animals and other animals.

If you love to watch performers then you are going to love watching these animal actors. Elephants, dogs, sheep, bears, tigers, lions, monkeys and parrots all have superior acting skills and they all work well with each other. If you get a chance make sure you go see one of their shows they will surprise you on how good they really are. Another part of the performing hall is the dog racing course, not only do dogs use this course but other animals do to. So you better time your time just right so you can see camels, or ostriches, compete on this course.

The best part of the zoo is the tour bus. It will be an unforgettable experience. You will be able to get close to the animals and see how wild animals act when they are in the wild. The zoo feeds the tigers and lions live animals so that they will keep their survival instincts. So keep your eyes open since you might be able to see these animals catch, kill and eat their prey.  One of the benefits on going on the bus tour is that you are able to feed and take pictures of the animals, such as bears who will come up to the bus and beg for food and you will  be able to feed giraffes leaves.

When you go to the Wild Animal Park, make sure you go see the Penned animal’s area, because this area includes the giant panda hall. And you can’t leave China without seeing the Pandas. In this area you will be able to see a white lion, white tiger, kangaroo and crocodiles and much more. This area will teach you about how the animals lives and what they like to eat. So when you leave the zoo you will be educated. Don’t forget to see the bird garden and young animal garden.

While you are at the zoo you can ride the Ferris wheel and be able to see the bird’s eye view. If you are getting tried and don’t want to walk any more then you can ride the electric power cart it will carry you around the zoo. If you bring children and they want to play there is an amazing outdoor playground. Don’t worry about getting hungry since there are restaurants located around the zoo. Also don’t forget to buy a souvenir when you are there. 

Just remember you can’t leave China without seeing a Panda. So when you get off your China flight make note that you want to see a real Panda. If you go visit Shanghai make sure you stop by the Wild Animal Zoo, it will cost 120RMBs for adults and 60RMBs for children who are 4 feet tall, and free for children you are less than 2 feet tall.

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