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On October 18, 2011, in Nature Scenery, Shanghai, by Jack Li

Yuyuan Garden has been in existence for 400 years. It is one of Shanghai biggest gardens and it is only a subway ride away from your Shanghai hotel. If you love gardens then Shanghai is the place for you. The garden is only five acres, but in those five acres there is a great deal of attractions to enjoy. So when you travel to Shanghai make sure you plan on seeing the Yuyuan Gardens.

In the Yuyuan Garden you will find pavilions, halls, ponds, rockeries and cloisters each one of these have uniqueness about them. When you enter the garden you can climb the rockery it is about 50 feet. When you get to the top you will be able to enjoy a charming view of the garden. 

Pan Yunduan who was an officer in the Ming Dynasty built the garden for his parents. He wanted to give his parents a place where they could be happy and enjoy their old age. Even though the garden has been around for 400 years it has changed over time. When the Pan’s family declined it became desolate. Then a rich merchant brought it in 1760 so he could fix it up and make it look like a garden again. He spent twenty years reconstructing the garden. Sadly in the 19th century it was destroyed again by the Opium War. The garden that we see today took five years to restore. The restoration projected started in 1956 and opened it doors to the public in 1961.

In the garden there are six main scenic areas 1-Sansui Hall, 2-Wanhua Chamber, 3-Dianchun Hall, 4-Huijing Hall, 5-Yuhua Hall and 6-Inner Garden. Sansui Hall is the largest hall. Its height is 30 feet and it has five halls. The Wandering Chamber has many great beauties. While you are walking around the Wandering Chamber you will be able to see pavilions, streams, courtyards and natural features. The best part is the Spring Bamboos that grow there. The second best part is the old trees. One tree is 70 feet tall, and it is said that the tree was planted 400 years ago.

On the east side of Wanhua Chamber you will be able to see the Dianchun Hall. In 1644-1911 Dianchun hall was used by Xiaodao Hui group who fought against the Qing Dynasty.  Some of the coins made by the Xiaodao Hui are displayed in the hall.

Jade is a famous rock in China, so when Pan Yunduan was building the garden he had the Yuhua Hall built so that he could sit in the hall and admire the Exquisite Jade Rock. The rock is 10.8 feet high. The exquisite Jade Rock is really amazing. It has 72 holes in it so when someone would burn a joss stick at the bottom the smoke would magically float out from all the holes. If someone would pour water on top of the rock the water would come out of each of the holes.

Yuyuan Garden is a great place to visit if you want to feel peace and tranquility. It only cost 40RMBs. If you want to take the Subway there make sure you are on Subway line 10 and get off at the Yuyuan Station and leave from Exit 1.  So next time you go on a Shanghai tour make sure you see the Yuyuan Garden.

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