In the ancient time, Yulong River was called “Peaceful Water”, but because of the famous Yulong Bridge” its name was changed into Yulong River. The river originates from Bainian Mountain in Lingui County, through Jinbao Village, Grape Town, Baisha Town, New Yangshuo Town and Gaotian Village, and finally meets Jinbao River at Qinge crossing and altogether flows into Tianjia River. The Yulong River is as long as 43.5 miles, with the width from 38 to 61 meters and depth from 0.5 to 0.9 meters. The river is not open to navigation for there is dam on the river for irrigation.

Yulong River is a beautiful river, also called “Little Lijiang River”. The period from Yulong Bridge to the estuary of Heshan River is especially beautiful, with high mountains, dense forestrists, beautiful hamlets, where you can appreciate the famous attractions like Yulong Bridge, Rhinoceros Watching the Moon, Old Village, Guiyi City Remains, Five Elements Mountain and so on. Yulong River is one of the numerous lovely scenes of Yangshuo.

If you set off from Yangshuo County, the first view that comes into your eyes is the Fuli Bridge. The bridge is 5 meters wide, 30 meters long and 10 meters high, oval-shaped and made of green stones. Its reflection on the water is like the shape of an egg, or rather a beautiful face of a girl, graceful and unique. The main attractions of Yulong River are: Fuli Bridge, Yulong Bridge, Guiyi City Remains, Xiangui Bridge, and the landscape of “Little Lijiang River”. The famous landscape expert of Harvard University Dr. Carl, after seeing about the view of Yulong River, expresses “This is the most beautiful place I have seen in China”.

Yulong River Attractions

Fuli Bridge and Xiangui Bridge

Yulong Bridge

Jiuxian Village

Zhou Village

Yulong River Story

A long time ago, a dragon of the East Sea came here and saw the breath-taking scene. It felt that the East Sea was pale by comparison with this place, so it decided to hide here. At first, every night, the dragon headed above the water to appreciate the beautiful view. Latter it can not help watching the landscape and sneaked out at day time. Many villagers had seen it, so comes the name Yulong River.

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