Yulong Bridge is a stone arch bridge standing on Yulong River, located right by Yulong Village in Basha Town and built in Ming Dynasty. The bridge is 60 meters long, 5 meters wide, 9 meters tall and spans 18 meters. Yulong Bridge was built by stones, rather than any grout. It is non-destructive through hundreds of years, becoming the key cultural relics of Yangshuo County. The bridge is gallant with lots of sinomenium, looks old-timey; villgers has carried water and washed clothes under the bridge from generation to generation. The stars change in positions; Yulong Bridge has witnessed tremendous changes in the world and still keeps as solid as the beginning.

The first group scenes of Liu Sanjie are shot on Yulong Bridge. There stands the monument to victory in the war of resistance in Yulong Village, recording the heroic deeds of local people who fighted a bloody battle lasted nine months against the Janpaese Army in Zhujia Village. During the Cultural Revolution, the monoment was destroyed and thrown into the river. In 1987, the local government sent some people to get the incomplete monument out of water and tried to repair it. Then the monument began to stand in its original position for people to commemorate the history. Thanks to the convenient transportation, Yulong Bridge attracts lots of Chinese and foreign tourists everyday and becomes more and more famous.

Yulong River

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