White Fish Mouth

On September 2, 2011, in Kunming, Lakes, Valleys and Scenic Spots, Yunnan, by Jack Li

White Fish Mouth Scenic Spot is located in the west bank of the Dian Lake, 30 kilometers away from Kunming. It looks like a peninsula sticks into the Dian Lake. There are exuberant trees and bright and clean lake water, creating a beautiful environment. When the flood season comes, silts come from the west and deposit in the lake. The water body is so quiet that white fish come in large numbers, they play in the Dian Lake, and so the sight is called “White Fish Mouth”. Another version says that there is a hill besides the valley, which looks like a open-mouthed white fish, so it is called “White Fish Mouth”.

In the north of White Fish Mouth Valley, there are 6,666 square meters flatland that leans against a precipitous cliff and faces the Dian Lake. In early years of Republic of China, there built a garden villa and a tower which was completely piled up by blocks and looks like a Chinese character “Lei”; therefore, it was called “Lei Garden”. There are three stories in Lei Garden, which look solemn, archaic and like old European castle. The wall of the small hall on the second floor is vitreous and there is French window fronting towards the lake. Staying in the hall, tourists can have a panoramic view of a landscape of lakes and mountains.

There are many small rooms besides Lei Garden, fishpond and rockery have been built in the west while sakura, junipers and Malus spectabilises are planted in the east. There is a causeway beside the lake with weeping willow. Moreover, there is a lilypond along the causeway where hibiscus rising out of water. There are arch bridges and paved roads surrounded the pond, as well as two stone pavilions which is the typical European style. In 1953, workers’ sanatorium was built at White Fish Mouth and Lei Garden was incorporated to it. Since then White Fish Mouth has become a wonderful health resort which is also called “Konggu Garden”. In addition, there built yacht dock at the lakeside in the southeast of villa; there is a stone causeway sticking into the Dian Lake where can park boats and enjoy the sight.

The Dian Lake

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