For your upcoming China tour or holiday, you might be interested in some of the most useful Iphone Apps for your trip. China Travel can be daunting and might be confusing in the beginning, but don’t fret as There’s An App For That!


DianHua Dictionary (free)

DianHua is an online Chinese to English dictionary application using CC-CEDICT and provides support for both Traditional and Simplified characters, alongside English and Mandarin Pinyin. You are also able to search by drawing characters, and can include or omit the tones. The application has copy and paste support and will also store your previously searched words allowing you to make flashcards for future use. You can also bookmark phrases and words together under categories to make it easier to find and memorise them.


There is also a separate number section allowing you to convert numbers and listen to them orally with the audio playback feature. If you wish to learn characters there is an enlarged view of both Traditional and Simplified characters available allowing you to study and trace over them with the stylus.


Additionally there is a feature to create your own flashcards using words you have been learning, and you can combine this with the writing feature. Both of these elements will tell you how well you are doing and there will be a percentage on display on screen to mark your progress.


Other available dictionary software applications include Qingwen, KTdict and Pleco.


XE Currency (free)

A simple yet vital application is XE Currency Convertor. You can convert the Chinese Renminbi into any other world currency with the click of a button, including multiple currencies at once. With an internet connection you will get a live current exchange rate result, but the app is also available offline to use as it stores data enabling you to view the previously loaded exchange rate.


Whats App (0.69p)

This application is ideal for those travelling anywhere outside of their home country, especially if you do not wish to be charged the extortionate fees for international text messaging. With an internet connection (or 3G signal) you can send unlimited text and picture messages to your automatically imported contact list, and it is also compatible with Android, Nokia and Blackberry phones enabling you to keep contact with friends and family who don’t use an Iphone.


You can also send audio files and video messages, and the recent update includes a group chat feature enabling you to talk to multiple contacts in one conversation.


Doodle Chinese (free)

From the makers of Doodle Jump comes Doodle Chinese, a fun animated style application to make picking up Mandarin phrases more enjoyable! Suitable for all ages the app builds up your language skills from basic words to scenario conversations. Quizzes and game based practices help you to memorise what you have understood.


Doodle Chinese uses a Native Chinese Speaker for all audio phrases, and comes with Pinyin and English translation for every phrase. You are able to switch between Pinyin and Chinese Characters whenever you wish, and can share your progress with your friends online.


Check back for Part Two of the Ultimate Iphone Apps for China travel!


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