Tuvas is an old minority ethnic group. People of Tuvas live mainly by hunting and moving about in search of pasture. For the last 400 years, the Tuvas people have settled in the Kanas Lake. The people are known for their strength and bravery. They are very good at horse riding, skiing, dancing and singing. The houses they live in are log cabins, which are spread randomly across the Tuvas Village. With small bridges and flowing water, it is quite a nice picturesque place to live. The landscape of the Tuvas Village is as mysterious as the Kanas Lake. Tuvas people have their unique living habits and they speak their own native Tuvas language. The Tuvas language is similar to Turkish and Kazakh in the Turkic group. Normally, the Tuvas people can speak Kazakh, which is different from the modern Mongolian language. The Tuvas people celebrate Aobao Festival and Lugu Festival. They also enjoy the spring festival and celebrate it similarly to the Han people. The majority of Tuvas people practice Buddhism. Another religion that is popular in this region is Saman. The log cabins in the village are built with wood with a square main body on the base and tower structure on the top. When they move about in search of pasture, they live in Mongolian yurts. There are made out of the pines and silver birches that surround the village. The boundary mountain between China and Russia lies towards the back of the Tuvas village. There is always cold wind blowing from the Siberia area.

Kanas Lake (Kanasi)

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