The Wuzi Hall

On September 8, 2011, in Historical Relics, Popular Provinces, Temples, Tibet, by Jack Li

The Wuzi Hall is the main hall of the Sangye Temple. The three storey hall faces the east, with a floor area of around 6000 square meters. The height of each storey is between 5.5 to 6 meters. Because the storeys are much higher than usual storeys, it appears from the outside that the Wuzi Hall has five floors inside, but actually it has only three. On the second and third floor of the hall, there are spacious balconies built along one side of them. Thanks to them, sunlight can enter the hall during the day and keep it bright inside.

According to historic records, the architects of the hall wanted to combine Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian architectural styles together to build it. That is why the first storey of the hall represents typical Tibetan style, while the second storey is in Chinese style, and the third storey adopted Indian style. The elegant frescos and statues in each storey also reflect the architectural styles of that storey, and are in harmony with their surroundings. The mixed architectural style of the Wuzi Hall is very unique. As a matter of fact, you can hardly find an ancient building like this in the history of architecture. People even call it the “Three-style Temple” to honor its special design.

The Sangye Temple

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