The Shunan Bamboo Sea

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The Shunan Bamboo Sea is located in Yibing, a city in the southern part of Sichuan Province. The scenic region covers an area of 120 hectares, with a major scenic region of 44 hectares. Dotted with 134 fascinating attractions, the whole bamboo sea scenic region consists of 2 preview areas and 8 scenic zones. There are 427 kinds of different bamboos in the scenic region, ranging from ordinary varieties like the Shui Bamboo, the Nan Bomboo to the rare ones, for example, the Julong Bamboo (the largest bamboo in the world). Thanks to the high vegetation coverage there, the Shunan Bamboo Sea has become a natural oxygen bar.

The Shunan Bamboo Sea is a place filled with extraordinary natural beauty. The land there fluctuates a lot and forms more than 500 hills. They are all decorated with verdant bamboos thickly, making them look like giant bonsais. The whole region is covered by a green carpet, with bamboos everywhere. It does live up to its name, “the Shunan Bamboo Sea”.

Apart from the beautiful bamboos, there are also many gorgeous natural attractions in the Bamboo Sea. It is very comfortable for you to spend your leisure time enjoying the splendid waterfall, boating on the elegant lakes, exploring the mysterious caves. If you are tired of the natural scenes, you can visit the museums and the ancient villages nearby, and experience the rich local culture.

Visitors can enjoy some special snacks in the Bamboo Sea, too. For example, the Bamboo Cake and Feast for Panda. The Bamboo Cake is wrapped with Bamboo leaves and served. You can feel the scent of bamboo when you put it into your mouth. As for the Feast for Panda, all the dishes in the feast were made by bamboos or mushrooms grown on bamboos. It is highly advisable to taste them because they are only served in the Shunan Bamboo Sea.

The Shunan Bamboo Sea attractions

The Longyin Temple

The Tianbao Village

The Colorful Waterfall

The Fairy Lake 

The Shunan Bamboo Sea Story

The Origin of the Shunan Bamboo Sea

It is said that the region where the Shunan Bamboo Sea is located now used to be a barren land consisting of giant red stones. There was no plant there at all, even grasses.

One day, a fairy lived in the Heavenly Palace called Jinluan saw the barren land. She wanted to knit a green carpet for the land so much that she sneaked out the palace and descended to the area. Unfortunately, her deed was soon discovered by the Emperor of Heaven. He was so angry that he sent his soldiers to catch her and put her into prison. Another fairy named Yaoqing was ordered to watch out her beside the prison. She is a very kind hearted fairy. When she found out why Jinlun was put into prison, she was very sympathetic about her, and she decided to release Jinluan secretly. After Jinluan was released, the two fairies had a short discussion, and then made up their mind to go to the barren land to finish knitting the green carpet together. However, they were caught and thrown into prison again. Many gods in heaven heard about their stories and were deeply touched by their kindness. So they appealed to the Emperor and pleaded him to show some mercy. Finally, the Emperor agreed. He released the two fairies and ordered them to stay in the mundane world and finish the green carpet. They were not allowed to come back to the Heavenly Palace unless they complete the job. Jinluan and Yaojing were very thankful to those gods who had helped them. They said goodbye to them and then descended to the earth happily.

Year after year, the two fairies kept knitting the carpet, and the barren land became more and more green. When the day the carpet was finished, the land had become a green paradise, that is, the Shunan Bamboo Sea.

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