Another amazing thing about Kanas Lake is that it is a lake that changes color. The color changes according to different seasons and weather from April to November.During May, the ice just melts and the water in the lake is green and grey. In June, the water changes to green or sometimes dark blue, because all the plants around the lake are green. In July the river is flooded, there is white water coming from the upper stream of the lake, so the water is shell white. In August the water is dark green as there is much more rain. When autumn comes, the water is jade green. During September and October this is a beautiful color. The water supply of the Kanas Lake is from the Kanas Glacier which is in the south slope of Youyi Peak. When summer comes, some of the ice melts and flows into the lake. Water from the nearby White Lake also comes and joins this lake. That is partly the reason why the lake is shell white during July and Autumn. Every December, the face of the lake freezes, and the Kanas Lake looks like a crystal mirror. Local villagers can use plows to transport goods, or go skiing there. In addition, the Kanas Lake is surrounded by mountains, a blue sky and white clouds. Water in the lake reflects the sunshine and the clouds. The lake is extremely nice and beautiful.

Kanas Lake (Kanasi)

Jack Li

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