The Heaven Pool is a beautiful lake dotted on the mountainside of the Bogda Peak in the Tianshan Mountains. The lake adopts the shape of half moon, with clear and limpid water in it. The surrounding of the lake is covered by verdant grass and colorful flowers. The reflections of the blue sky and the gorgeous surroundings on the lake make a picturesque scene. But remember to bring a coat with you on your trip, because the temperature is relatively low in such a high elevation area.

Best Time to visit the Heaven Pool

The seasons in the area where the Heaven Pool is located is quite distinct and one of a kind. In spring, there are beautiful blossoms all over the mountain, and in summer, the place is like to be covered by a green carpet. In autumn, the leaves of the plants on the mountain turn yellow and red, while in winter, the water in the lake freezes and appears to be a giant mirror. It is advisable to visit the Heaven Pool from April to October because the weather then is mild.

The Heaven Pool Best Routes

Usually the tour starts at the Stone Gate, then stop by the Ancient Elm Tree, the Heaven Pool, the waterfall beside it, the Southern Hill, the Western Hill, the Bogda Peak, the Eastern Pool, and end at the Temple of the Queen Mother of the West.

The Heaven Pool Tickets

Ticket price to visit the Heaven Pool from April the 1st to October the 31th : RMB 100 per person.

Ticket price to visit the Heaven Pool from November the 1st to Marth the 31th : RMB 40 per person.

How to get to the Heaven Pool

It takes around one and a half hours to get to the Heaven Pool from Urumchi through highway. If you want to go to the Heaven Pool from the Renmin Park or the Hongshan Hotel, you can take a bus there, too. It will take you directly to the pool within 2 hours.

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