The Flaming Mountain is one of the most famous scenic spots in Turpan, Xinjiang. Particular customs of minority people, the unique terrain and the long history are all important factors that attract numerous tourists from both home and abroad. The weather and food in this region are quite different from those in the mainland China, so if you want to enjoy yourself there, you’d better keep the following things in mind:

  1.   The average temperature in north-western China is usually lower than that in the mainland China, and the temperature difference between day and night is  large, so even you go to Turpan in summer, you should also need to take a coat or a sweater with you;
  2.  The ultraviolet rays are very strong in some areas in Xinjiang because of the much higher elevation. In Turpan, the highest temperature can reach up to over 40 ℃ in summer, therefore, it is necessary that you take enough sunscreens as well as some heat-clearing medicines.
  3. The tour routes in Xinjiang are often very long because the various scenic spots are far from each other, so tourists need to spend a lot of time in the vehicles. In some places, tourists will have to walk, climb the mountain or ride a horse or a camel; hence, you’d better put on flatties.
  4. Xinjiang is also famous for its tasty fruits, certainly you can enjoy them but please keep in mind that you should never drink hot tea after eating fruits, or you might suffer from diarrhea.
  5. Xinjiang is one of the minority areas in China, the local people there have their own religious belief which should definitely be respected, so you’d better not to talk about anything related to pigs or take pork with you in Muslim restaurants.
  6. The time difference between Xinjiang and cities in the mainland China is two hours, so all your activities are arranged two hours later at about 9:00 am. to 20:00.

Best Time to Visit the Flaming Mountain:

The temperature in the Flaming Mountain area is higher than 45 ℃ all year around, so do not stay there for very long time. Remember to bring enough water with you when travelling there.

The Flaming Mountain Best Routes:

This scenic spot is not very large, so tourists usually can make their own decisions about the tour routes.

The Flaming Mountain Tickets:

Tickets for adults: 60 yuan per person

Tickets for children: 30 yuan per person


  1. Children under 1.3 m are free;
  2. Students with their student ID and senior citizens with valid cards can have 50% discount.
  3. Car Renting: Show your ID card, driving license or other valid documentations, and at the same time pay a deposit ranging from 2000 to 5000 yuan. 150-200 yuan per day for a van which can accommodate 5-7 people, 300-600 yuan per day for a car, 1000-1300 yuan per day for a MPV which can accommodate 11-21 people. Vehicles will be examined before being withdrawn; the time for vehicle examination is from 8:00am to 17:00 every day.
  4. Pricing for taking a taxi starts from 5-8 yuan, and 1 km trip will cost you 1.2-3 yuan.

How to Get to the Flaming Mountain:

You can take a donkey cart to go to the Flaming Mountain if you are visiting the bazaar or you are already in the suburban district, it is a very interesting and special experience, but do remember to set a price beforehand. Or you can also take a middle-sized bus for one-day tour in Turpan to go to the Flaming Mountain.

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