The First Girl Mountain

On September 5, 2011, in Activities, Adventure Trip, Mountain Areas, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Located in the Four Girls Mountains Scene spot in Xiaojin county of Sichuan province, the First Girl Mountain is one of the four sisters.   It has an altitude of 5355m.  Lower than 4000m, bush forest, wild flowers, yaks and horses can be found everywhere.  If you areluck enough, you will find the fresh wild mushrooms which are as big as a bowl and wonderful ingredient for soup.  However, there is not even a blade of grass growing on the beyond 4,000m high place.  In the mountain, it snows from October to April of next year.   Accumulated snow can come up to knee—height and still do not melt in summer.  The picturesque scenery is more beautiful than summer’s.  But the tourist difficulty is also much more than other seasons.  Appreciating the Four Girls Mountain on the top in sunny days, the scenery will be a feast for your eyes.  It is said that the four mountains are transfigured by four young girls of Zang nationality.  It is ranked as one of the ten famous mountains for mountain—climbing.  Because nobody has climbed on the top of the third and forth mountain, they are called as virgin peaks.  Depending on its moderate difficulty, the First Girl Mountain is known as the first love of many avid mountaineers.

Four Girls Mountains

Jack Li

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