The Colorful Waterfall

On September 6, 2011, in Nature Scenery, Sichuan, Tombs, Waterfalls & Pools, by Jack Li

The Colorful Waterfall, otherwise known as the Luohun Terrace Waterfall, is the most breathtaking waterfall in the Shunan Bamboo Sea. It is located in the Calabash Valley between the Stone Drum Hill and the Stone Gong Hill. The Shuiliao Stream flows down from the cliff beside the valley and form a splendid 4-level waterfall below the Huilong Bridge. The total drop of the waterfall is around 200 meters.

The first level of the Colorful Waterfall starts from right below the Huilong Bridge. It is 5 meters wide, and drops for 30 meters. The second level of it is 3 meters wide, and drops for 15 meters. The third level lasts for 50 meters with a width of 4 meters, and the 5 meter wide forth level lasts for 74 meters. The last two level of the waterfall nearly join together into one level. The falling water hit the rocks in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and splashes. In sunny days, if you look down to the pool from the bridge, you might see elegant rainbows. It is important to enjoy the waterfall from good angles, or you can only hear the sound, but cannot see it.

The Stone Drum Hill and the Stone Gong Hill are situated beside the waterfall. They are named like that because during the night, when tourists leave the waterfall and the Calabash Valley becomes quiet, sound of drums and gongs are likely to appear in the sound of the waterfall. There are several relatively small attractions on the hills, such as the Tomb of Menghuo and the Ancient Drill Ground. The Colorful Waterfall and its gorgeous surroundings welcome a great many visitors every day.

The Shunan Bamboo Sea

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