Most visitors choose to drive along Taohua River when they go to Ludi Cave.  Taohua River, initially named as Yang River, originates from Simo Mountain in Guilin.  Flowing through Lingui, Lingchuan and Guilin, the about 25km long river was leaded into Li River in Ming dynasty.  Formed ten or twenty years ago, the wide river surface became narrower as the drop of water level.  The stream course in Guilin is in a shape of “s”, resembling three green streamers flowing on Guibei dissolution basin.  Because of the limestone geology, the river water is crystal clear.  Especially in Feiluan Bridge area, water flows as smooth as a mirror; clusters of oleanders bloom on the bank, reflecting on the river.  Surrounded by Hibiscus Mountain, Loin Mountain, the First Mountain, the whole view spot is picturesque rural scenery.  Moreover, the night scene in autumn is more beautiful under the pure moonlight.  An old saying praises Taohua River as that: Taohua River is not similar with Li River, but better than Li River.

Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave)

Jack Li
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