Spruce Meadow is also called “the third kingdom to die for love”. At the height of 3240 meters above the sea level, it is a sacred land to people of Naxi nationality. The legend has that you can go to “the third kingdom of Jade Dragon”. According to the record of Dongba, “the third kingdom of Jade Dragon” has everything that one expects to find. Taking the cable car on Baihui River Village, it only takes ten minutes to send you to the destination and then you can walk along the plank road or ride a horse to anther wonderful landscape of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain- Spruce Meadow.

Spruce Meadow is a piece of grassland in the forests to the east of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which accounts for 0.5 square meter, at the height of 3000 meters. The snow mountain is like a jade screen, high in the cloud while the spruces are embracing the snow mountain, luxuriant and green. In the dense forests around the Spruce Meadow, old trees are high into the sky with deadwood or moss, as if this place has not been disturbed for thousands of years, totally a natural paradise. It is said that if young couples die for love at Spruce Meadow, their soul will go to “the third kingdom of Jade Dragon” and get the eternal happiness.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jack Li

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