Solitary Beauty Peak is located in Guilin Prince City and is an integral part of the Prince City scenic area. People always describe it as the South Tianyi Column. The name derives from the renowned quote from Southern Dynasty (420-589) literature, ‘none can surpass this solitary peak in beauty’. The peak is also known as ‘Purple Golden Hill’, a reference to the purple color of the rocks in bright sunshine. The Peak has also been called ‘the pillar of the Southern sky.’ There are 306 stone steps leading up to the top, where visitors can see a great view of the city. The pavilion here is a famous viewing point. Rosy clouds of dawn and a sunset glow turn the peak into a giant with a purple gown draped over his shoulder and a golden sash tied around his waist, giving the peak its second name: Purple Mountain. Visitors have to climb 306 stone steps to reach the top of the mountain, where they can gain a bird view of the shimmering waters and marvelous mountains of Guilin. That is the reason why the first thing tourists visiting Guilin do is climb the Solitary Beauty Peak. On the mountain side there is Reading Rock, a location that served as a reading spot for Yanzhi Yan (a famous writer in the Northern and Southern Dynasties), and Crescent Lake. Solitary Beauty Peak is a must-see attraction for visitors to Guilin Prince City – don’t miss it!

The Lijiang River (in Guangxi)

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