The Four Girls Mountains are composed of three attractions, including Shuangqiao Ditch, Changping Ditch and Haizi Ditch.  Meanwhile, having an elevation of 3840m, Shuangqiao Ditch is the most intensive and attractive one.  The ditch gets its name because two bridges which intend to facilitate local people’s egress are constructed inside the scene spot.  One of the two bridges is made of poplar and willow.  So it is known as Poplar and Willow Bridge.  Another bridge is made of larch and commonly known as Bian Bridge.  The whole spot is an international exhibition of peaks and a pavilion of ravines.  The cable car helps you finish the whole journey conveniently, comfortably and quickly.  According to initial search, there are 54 attractions in this scene spot.  Here is an altogether different world inside the ditch.  Baojing (Precious Mirror) Mountain, Wuse (Five Colors) Mountain and Lieren (Hunter) Peak are well—spaced; ginseng ground, bonsai beach and larch forest enhance the spot’s beauty and make visitors linger for them.  Relying among mountains, rivers, trees, grass, cloud and mist, the Shuangqiao Ditch is as fantastic as a wonderland.

Four Girls Mountains

Jack Li

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