For adventurous eaters or those just curious to see the range of unusual creatures deemed edible, you should definitely not miss a trip to the night markets in Wangfujing. This is an experience that usually isn’t on offer in other countries, except slightly less bizarre offerings such as fried grasshoppers in South East Asia! Therefore when you travel to Beijing it is a must see, if only for some interesting photographs to show people back home! Also if you plan to travel to Shanghai there are also similar streets to sample the delicacies.


Wangfujing is fairly central to access on Subway line 1 and the stop is conveniently also called Wangfujing. Take exit A and it is a short walk to most of the action. Wangfujing is also more than just the night market location, being a popular attraction and one of the busiest shopping areas. It is also a pedestrian only street which is a rarity in Beijing, and has a variety of shops and smalls.


There are a few night market areas but the main streets are ‘Xiaochi Jie’ and ‘Donganmen’. These stalls are a little more expensive and tourist orientated however you will find an exciting array of insects, animals and other edible deep fried delicacies to try. Examples of the variety available include everything from starfish, scorpion, lizard and snake to silk worms, millipedes, spiders and birds.


If you are a fussy eater there is plenty of ‘normal’ food available at the stalls aswell, including noodles, spring rolls and rice dishes. There are also plenty of stalls selling a variety of kebabs using lamb or chicken. In addition to this if you require a full meal there are plenty of both Chinese and Western restaurants in the area, and you can walk north to the many hutongs to sample some authentic dishes down any of the small side streets.


The market is opened every evening from around 5pm and starts to close at 9.30pm, with it clearing away completely by 10pm. It is also located reasonably nearby Tianamen Square so you may be able to walk from your Beijing hotel.



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