Pearl Beach

On September 5, 2011, in Beaches, Lakes, Nature Scenery, Popular Provinces, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Located in the Jiuzhai Valley Scene Spot of Sichuan province, the PearlBeach is about 0.5km far from the downstream of Huashi Sea.  The beach is full of sags and crests and overgrowing with various kinds of bushes.  Seen from far away, the twinkling droplets which splash from the calcified beach resemble pearls in a huge shell.   The most amazing thing is that the beach densely covers with yellow mosses.  However, the yellow is not creamy.  On the other hand, the feeling of walking on it is as comfortable as walking on a large piece of sponge.   A few years ago, visitors still could experience the magic beach and played on it.  At present, they only can appreciate it on the bank.  A bridge is constructed over the beach.  According to the fairy tale, a fairy fell in love with a Tibetan youth when she went across Jiuzhai Valley.  The youth gave her a string of pearls as present.  And the fairy also sent the youth an ax to show her love.  Their story was known by the god when the youth used his ax to cut into a mountain.  The god was so angry that he dispatched a solider to catch the fairy.  During their struggle, the pearl necklace was cut off; pearls scattered on the ground and transformed into the beautiful Pearl Beach.

Jiuzhai Valley

Jack Li

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