Oriental Buddha City Gallery, an archaized stone Buddha statues theme park, is situated among Leshan Giant Buddha Mountains. Combining the art of religion, sculpture and gardening, Oriental Buddha City Gallery is an extension and important part of Leshan Giant Buddha scenic zone.

Oriental Buddha City Gallery was open to public in 1994. It covers an area of 26.67 hectares and has an impressive collection of over 3,000 replicas of valuable Buddhist artworks both in China and abroad. Viewing these statues you will definitely be amazed by the traditional charms of Buddhism as well as the drive for artistic perfection.

Among them there are 36 replica Buddha statues displayed in the Fine Gallery. The originals are Chinese relics scattered and lost in foreign countries. The Buddha statues are made of White Jade, Bronze, coloured glaze or stone. Some are sitting while some standing; all are exquisite works of art. Positioned in parallel stone bases, these sculptures create a solemn aura. The walls of the Gallery are decorated in relief of Buddhas, Buddha’s warrior attendants, flying apsaras, flying dragons and phoenix, and dancing girls, telling Buddhist doctrines and legends.

The Leshan Giant Buddha

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