The height of Nuorilang Waterfall is 2365 meters. The Nuorilang Waterfall drops 20 meters and is 270 meters wide. It is the widest waterfall in China. Nuorilang in Tibetan means god whose image is tall and majestic. So Nuorilang Waterfall means grand, majestic waterfall.

The top of the waterfall is as flat as platform. It was said that there was only a platform, no waterfalls. One day, the monk Zaer Mude brought Beiye scriptures, iron plowshares and hand spinning wheel there. A beautiful Tibetan girl, Ruoyiguo, quickly learned how to use the hand spinning wheel. She put the spinning wheel on the platform to teach her sisters how to use it. So people called the platform as ‘spinning platform’. The leader, Luoza, thought the spinning wheel was a very dangerous and evil tool. So he kicked the girl and spinning wheel off the cliff. Just at the right moment when the girl fell down the cliff, a flood occurred and washed off Luoza and his servants. It was a punishment from the god for they killed that girl. Afterwards the platform became waterfall.

The sceneries of Nuorilang Waterfall change as season changes. In spring, the waterfall likes a child just wakes up. It is so vibrant. In summer, the waterfall has plenty of water, so the waterfall sounds very noisy. In autumn, plants turn gold and red. It looks very beautiful. In winter, the waterfall is frozen. It has a special kind of beauty.

Jiuzhai Valley

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