Moon Gulf

On September 8, 2011, in Lakes, Nature Scenery, Rivers & Gorges, Xinjiang, by Jack Li

Moon Gulf lies within a kilometer to the upper stream of the Wolong Gulf. The Moon Gulf is quite and beautiful. It changes a little bit as seasons change. There is actually a precious pearl in the Kanas Lake. The riverbed of the Kanas Lake is formed by S shape gulfs. One of them is like a half moon. That’s where the Moon Gulf gets its name. The Moon Gulf is located in the valleys. The water there is clear and clean. The upper gulf and the down gulf look like two footprints. They are quite unique and local villagers call them the ‘footprints of the fairies’. There are a few stories about those two huge footprints. One of them is about the Dragon King in the west sea. It has been said the Dragon King in the west sea left the footprint after he stepped on the river monster in the moon gulf. The footprint worked as a roof that the river monster would never come out of the water again. Another story is that Chinese ancient goddess Chang E went there to steal lucid ganoderma. It took a long time for her to do this. So she headed back in such a hurry that she left her two footprints there. The third story is about Genghis Khan. It is said he left his footprints there when he led his army fighting with enemies. No matter these stories are true or not, they all add mysterious and colors to the Kanas Lake. Peaks around the Moon Gulf are very magnificent. They are covered with big trees and grass. There is a stage along the road which is 1500 meters high above the sea level. That’s the best place to enjoy the views in the Kanas Lake.

Kanas Lake (Kanasi)

Jack Li

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